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👋 Hi, my name is Jesse.

I write about ADHD and help others learn how their brain works so they can find the focus they need to thrive.

Every Tuesday I share ADHD tips, strategies, and more so you can better manage your time, energy, and motivation.

Learn how to work with your brain's unique wiring, rather than against it.

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    What people are saying:

    I loved everything... I like that it is short and a quick read.
    This is really great stuff!

    As a fellow person with ADHD, I have to say that I really enjoy your newsletter format: it's short and focused to the point that I do not forget what I was reading in the last paragraph. Thank you very much!

    It's a good balance of being hopeful and planning, being practical and getting stuff done, forgiving yourself and understanding yourself more.

    Some of the best advice I think you can give someone with ADHD!

    Learning a ton of actionable advice from your email newsletter!

    If you're looking for well-curated ADHD resources and insights you need to sign up for this newsletter. Jesse has taught me more about how my brain works than anyone else online.

    Taught me what adhd can look like, and productivity tips to tame a neurodivergent brain.

    A great resource for ADHD, especially those of us who were diagnosed late in life. Looking back and connecting so many dots.

    I've learned so much about how my brain works.